Can 63336 Really Answer Any Question? Part 2

For those of you who don’t know I have a lot of time to spare and a lot of random thoughts that don’t go anywhere.

Over the years I have texted the company 63336 to see if they can help me in my quest to find the ultimate answers to Life’s Big Questions. Here are some more of the brain itches I have had that have now been officially scratched:

Impeteg: If everyone was good looking would no-one be good looking?

63336: Yes, to be good looking is a superlative, and as such needs a comparison. If everybody looked equally good, there would be no distinction possible.

Impeteg:We are 3 mid twenties guys from Belfast. 2 are working tomorrow. Apart from cinema or DVD what can we do?  
63336: You can set up a FIFA tournament. Play each other until you have a definite winner. Set a prize for the winner and a dare for the loser before you begin.

Impeteg:For a gap year would working in New Zealand or Australia be better?

63336: There are more jobs available in Australia, and the pay is higher in Australia than it is in NZ. NZ is a better all round experience though.

Impeteg:Is Afroman now the drummer on Jimmy Kimmel? What is he up to now?

63336: No, Afroman doesn’t work on the Jimmy Kimmel show. He releases music independently on the internet, and appeared at the 2010 Gathering of the Juggalos.

Impeteg:If I shot someone in the US embassy where would the trial be? What if I was a sniper and I fired the bullet from British territory into the US embassy?

63336: Shooting someone in the US Embassy would see a trial in America. Likewise if you sniped from the UK.

Impeteg:If you fancy your mate’s sister how do you ask her out but stay mates with her brothers?
63336: You should talk to her brothers first and explain your feelings. They will admire your honesty, but will feel hurt if you go behind their back.

Impeteg:If my Dad was born Roman Catholic but isn’t any more can I legally say that I am catholic if I want to apply for PSNI?

63336: No, it depends on you alone – to be properly considered a Catholic you must have been raised as one and confirmed by the Roman Catholic Church.

There you go. Bet your life feels much better now that you know all this.

Part One Here

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