Help Me Create The Best Game Ever

Hello readers, sit down and let me explain a grand plan that has been brewing in my head for several years. I have held on to this idea as I thought it was a potential money maker, but now I wouldn’t say I don’t care but I just want to know what people think of my idea and whether or not it is a goer or just to stop talking about it now. I also wanted to write it down as a form of ‘well I thought of it first’ so if a similar idea appears in the future you know where they were inspired. I also don’t want to let another idea slip by before someone else adopts it.

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For years I had been talking very loudly about how cool it would be to have a cafe that sold mainly cereal. My friends (all 3 of them) can verify that I used to say this as they now wind me up every day about the two hipsters who had the same idea and went ahead and set up ‘Cereal Killers’ in London. These twins are from Belfast. You think that is a coincidence? Just saying. But fair play to them. They stepped out on their own against difficult odds and now seem to have a successful business and brand all of their own. Watching those twins achieve something with their lives made me want to try and do the same. I don’t want to let another idea just sit on the shelf like I did with that one. So it is here on my blog that I want to pitch my smart phone game app idea to the world (or the 100ish people who usually read these ‘musings’) and see if anyone wants to back the idea or help in other ways.

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The game itself is inspired by my mum. Back in the day I used to get dragged to the now defunct Crazy Prices supermarket in Abbey Center (Mall to readers in US) for the weekly shop. My mum always wanted to get the shopping done as fast as possible. Occasionally she would bump into people, chat to them briefly and then move on. This was ok when it happened once in the Fruit and Veg section, but by the time she meet them again in the Frozen Food section she had used up all her best chat and then it became just plain awkward. 

  Over the years my mum would learn to avoid these chats and skillfully negotiate her way through the supermarket without being detected by anyone.

During this time I was playing a lot of ‘Metal Gear Solid’ and the way my mum was able to sneak past people she knew and use diversion tactics reminded me a lot of how Solid Snake was able to do the same thing.images (2)


So in a nutshell my idea is to have a ‘Metal Gear Solid’ style game set in a supermarket. It would have early Nintendo style graphics and be called ‘Supermarket Sneak’. It would have a central character based on a cross between my mum and Hyacinth Bucket from Keeping up Appearances. download (6)For the sake of time I will call my central character Cynthia for now. I imagine the story would be based around how Cynthia lives in a big house and hosts lavish parties for all her other ‘Desperate Housewives’ style friends.images (6) Then one day she loses it all but she can’t let anyone in the town or her circle of friends know about it.

In order to save money Cynthia would then have to shop at Lidl to collect the ingredients and items needed to keep hosting her parties. Now Lidl is a great place to shop but to Cynthia, much like Hyacinth Bucket this would be extremely embarrassing to get caught in such a ‘Working Class’ (4) Level one of ‘Supermarket Sneak’ would consist of Cynthia going round Lidl and collecting items within the allotted time and without getting spotted by other shoppers. You would have a bird’s eye view of the supermarket floor and be able to see in which direction the other shoppers were moving, much like Pac-Man.images (3)

You would also be able to distract and divert the other shoppers by throwing food and moving parts of the environment. Some of the other shoppers will gossip about you being in the supermarket while some will chat for too long and drain into your time. There will also be shoppers who you can talk to once but if you meet them again it’s awkward and you die of shame. Then you restart the level again.

If you complete the level you get to take your items home and host your party. This raises your status and wealth so you can now afford to shop at the next level, Tesco. This will follow a similar pattern advancing to Asda then Morrison’s, Then Sainsbury’s,images (5) Then Marks and Spencerdownload (5) and finally back to where your character thinks they belong, Harrods.heathrow_terminal4_gallery_21 As the game progresses new shoppers start to appear that you actually have to bump into them and be noticed by them. This enhances your reputation and gets you more time and points. As the game advances time gets shorter, maps get more difficult and shoppers become faster. There is a potential for high scores and bonus items throughout each level. There could also be a never ending bonus cycle of posh supermarkets with each one more posh than the last. This game would never end as Cynthia would never be content with the Supermarket she currently shops in.

There also could be levels based on Christmas or Halloween themes or even branded levels. Potentially it could lead to items bought in the game becoming prizes in real life. The possibilities are endless.

So that is my game idea. I have actually pitched it around to a few people. One person in a production company thought it was decent and would like to play it. She put me in touch with a game developer. The game developer I spoke to said he was busy making an ‘Alien vs Zombies’ shooting game and could not help me design the game. He estimated that it would take at least £25,000 to get this game off the ground.

So now I am asking you. What do you think? Is this an idea worth backing? Would you play this game? Can you help in the Manufacture, Design or Production of this game?

If you like the idea but know nothing about games please help by sharing this blog with someone who might. If you decide to copy this idea I will feel both flattered and used at the same time. A bit like one of Simon Cowell’s girlfriends.


If you think you can help me direct the design of the game please get in contact by sending me a direct message at or leave a comment below.

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