What I think happens in ‘Gone With The Wind’ Even though I’ve never seen it!

 This is what I think happens in Gone With the Wind, having only  seen the trailer and knowing about the famous ending scene.

This is a story about a guy with a moustache and a girl who wears a dress with a hump at the back and has curly hair tied into some sort of pony tail/bun thing (I’m no hair expert).

 They are both rich, from rival families and live on a ranch somewhere in mid-west America in the 1800s. They are new settlers at the start of the Amercan civil war.

The guy with the moustache is a bit like Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.

He is really good at hearding cattle and building barns. He can also build wind mills.

He ends up working for the Curly haired girl one Autumn as she has a lot of cows on her farm and her Father is too sick to look after them anymore. She must find a partner before her father dies or her cattle farm goes to some other guy.

In the middle of all this there is a big dance. Everyone in the town is going to be there. The curly haired girl goes there in the hope of meeting her dream man. After a lot of Morris dancing in groups everyone pairs off. It is only ‘Moustache’ and ‘Curly’ left. Reluctantly they dance together and find out they are really good. 
Suddenly they find out this big dance as actually a town competition and they have won. They then have to compete in the Ball Room Dancing State Championships. The next two hours of the film are Curly and Moustache rehearsing for this. Everyone in the town is putting massive pressure on the couple asking them if they are ‘Gonna win State?’ 
Then just a week before the State Championships, Curly breaks her ankle and can’t compete.  
This makes Moustache really angry. With his ball room dancing career in tatters he returns to the cattle ranch. But now the American civil war is right on his doorstep. He sensed that enemies from the south are going to invade the town due to a change in behaviour of his cows.

 Using his excellent farming skills and a pitch fork he manages to organise the Cows into a battle attack formation and save his village from a Southern invasion and thus halting their advance. Thanks to Moustache the American Civil war is over.

The Village throw a big celebration by killing all the cows on the ranch and having a massive barbecue.

 While still hungover and bloated from the night before the Curly kicks Moustache in the belly with her miraculously healed ankle.

 The Ball Room Dance State Championships are in four hours and now they have to compete otherwise the Curly’s dad will die from shame. He won state, his mum won state, everyone in the village won state except his curly haired daughter. The Curlyhaired family never quit and if she does she will lose the Ranch.

  Arriving at the Championship unrehearsed and hung over they don’t fancy their chances. Some how they pull it off. The crowd go wild. They have finally won State!!! At this stage Curly has fallen for Moustache.

Moustache guy is pretty keen on her as well. Plus the thought of inheriting a massive ranch tips his feelings in the Curly’s favour. They are about to snog when a massive Tornado tears through the ranch totally destroying everything.

 Suddenly the Moustache guy gets cold feet and wonders if there are any other lonely woman with ranches down the road. He explains this to the Curly. In a nice way. He doesn’t tell her why he is really leaving her but he quickly spins up a ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ story and proceeds to make an exit.

Upset, Curly runs after him. It is still very windy. ‘Where will I go? What will I do?’ Screams the Curley…. Then like a lad, Moustache turns around with the immortal line ‘Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn’. And with that he is Gone With the Wind….

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