Will Grigg’s On Fire for Norn Iron (and Other Euro 2016 Chants)

So those of you going to the Euros this Summer better start rehearsing. We already have our classic chants about Steve Davis, Green and White Army and no doubt Away in a manger will be sung for David Healy… But it’s time for some new ones. Here are a few ideas I’ve had.

will grigg

Will Grigg’s On Fire NI Version (See Original Here)


He’s Gonna score in Paris,

He’s Gonna score in Nice,

He’ll Score past all the Germans

and past Hugo Lloris ‘x2


Will Grigg’s on Fire

Your Defence is terrified,x2

Will Grigg’s on Fire

Niall McGinn is on the Side!!!

(Repeat over and over again until Will Grigg scores)


Other chants ( a bit ropey but someone please give them a try)

Paddy McNair (To the tune of Bon Jovi-Living on a Prayer)

Whoa it’s Paddy McNair

Whoa, he’s from Ballyclare, 

Your midfield is having a mare

All because of Paddy McNair

Wonderwall Roy Carroll

‘Because maybe, you’re gonna be the one that saves me…. I said maybe, you’re gonna be the one that saves me….. and after all your my Roy Carrooooll

Gareth McAuley (To the tune of Losing my religion by REM)

Who’s up for the Corner?

Who’s up in the flood lights?

Big G McAuley

Going to score a goal past you

And your Keeper doesn’t know what to do (oooh)

Big G McAuley

gareth Mcauley

(This one may or may not work… but I thought I’d suggest it)

The Political Chant

‘We used to fight, but now it’s alright’ (x2)

Stuart Dallas

When Stuart Dallas gets the ball everyone should Hum the Dallas theme tune. Here it is for those who can’t remember it or who were too young.Dallas Theme Song


Matthew  McConaughey

Finally, no one has adopted the Chest beat from the Wolf of Wall street as a chant… It could be ours… And it would sound great.

Thats all for now. I would be great to hear these chants echoing through France or you could just stick to ‘Green and White Army’ which is great anyway.

Other Stuff

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